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The Art And Science Of “Jin Shin Do” Bodymind Acupressure

In the modern world, we seemed to have lost touch with calm. What a simple concept it is, when we are calm in mind, we can be calm in body, and this makes our lives and everything we do calm, and therefore more enjoyable. Depression, anger, anxiety, guilt, and other toxic states can intrude on […]

Stress Kills – Massage Heals

Stress has long been known as a killer. Science has discovered that stress is responsible for almost all our ailments and plays a big factor in life threatening diseases like heart disease. Here’s how it works: When we humans feel threatened, whether the threat is real or imagined our bodies go into the freeze, flight, […]

Massage Therapy Versus Physical Therapy

When it comes to massage and physical therapy, to most people they are one and the same. However, there are significant differences between them that you should be aware of when deciding on who to consult for therapy, or if you are considering going in to one of the chosen fields. Though both treatment modalities […]

Massage Therapy For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In the world we live in today, more and more people are being diagnosed with the condition known as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Though originally associated with military service men who have returned from active duty, PTSD has infiltrated all levels of society, affecting even children. What Is PTSD PTSD results in the ability […]

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